NBA Players Boycott 2020 Playoffs Game

NBA Boycotts Playoff Game

In the wake of another shooting of an unarmed African American man, NBA teams have responded in their own way. As the rise in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and protesting against police brutality continues, there have been extreme measures to broadcast it. This week the NBA has responded in more ways than […]

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Billboard Shows Solidarity For #BlackLivesMatters

Billboard Makes Hip-Hop #BlackLivesMatter Protest Artist & Song List BlackLivesMatter has gained an extreme amount of momentum as we’ve witnessed a major increase in protests around the globe. Sparking this rise was the documented account of Minnesota Police Officers detaining and killing another unarmed black man named George Floyd. The incident has surfaced outrage from […]

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Grammy’s Academy Offers Corona Virus Relief

The Grammys MusicCares - Fifty Two Wins Blog

Music industry advocates creates partnership to ensure that help for corona virus relief is accessible. When we see people extending their hand out to show compassion during these times of need, we smile and share. Considering the effects of COVID19 has surprised even the most knowledgeable, it has also impacted more people of color and […]

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Spotify Is Addressing COVID19 For Musicians

Fifty Two Wins - Spotify Blog

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N-Evitable Album

N-Evitable Album After the success of the N-Definte Ep that featured some powerful tracks from the Windy City narrator, we were happy to contribute to the latest album N-Evitable. Visit Website Artist The Sir Duke Project Album Release Services Production, Promo The 52Wins team was able to be a part of the process for the […]

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Juneteen 2020

Juneteenth 2020 - Chicago Celebration

Juneteenth 2020 Chicago will have a full day of celebrations for a fantastic cause. The Fifty Two Wins team will join the volunteering efforts for Chicago’s Peace & Equality March in the South Loop. With a high regard to safety, the well being of attendees and functions of this peaceful march will be done in […]

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