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Billboard Shows Solidarity For #BlackLivesMatters

Billboard Makes Hip-Hop #BlackLivesMatter Protest Artist & Song List

BlackLivesMatter has gained an extreme amount of momentum as we’ve witnessed a major increase in protests around the globe. Sparking this rise was the documented account of Minnesota Police Officers detaining and killing another unarmed black man named George Floyd. The incident has surfaced outrage from the black and brown communities, businesses and leaders in an effort to highlight the effects of police brutality and systematic racism. As this becomes a global issue coupled with the pain of loss from  COVID19 deaths, we have turned to several outlets for healing and comfort during these times. 

It has been said that when artists experience extreme emotions about something, listeners usually their most authentic compositions which tend to resonate deeply. In recent events, we have seen an emergence of artists expressing their feelings through the arts and we are completely here for it. As long standing music industry organizations take notice, we love to see their support in the matter. 

Billboard, the nation’s leading music chart and ranking organization has stepped up to show solidarity for artists with a message to send. Recently, they’ve put together a list of top recording arts and their work that stands to display their position against racial injustice and more. We absolutely love it and hope you find value in it too. 

Check out the hip-hop artists that made the cut for Billboard’s Black Lives Matter Protest List. 

Keep Winning, 

52Wins Team