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Grammy’s Academy Offers Corona Virus Relief

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Music industry advocates creates partnership to ensure that help for corona virus relief is accessible.

When we see people extending their hand out to show compassion during these times of need, we smile and share. Considering the effects of COVID19 has surprised even the most knowledgeable, it has also impacted more people of color and under served communities. A number of musicians, creators and professionals have experienced more uncertainty during these times causing a major disruption in the music community. In light of this, we believe there is value in shining a light on the initiatives that are looking to help. 

MusiCares and the Grammy Recording Academy have partnered in a COVID19 Relief effort to help those in the music community affected by the coronavirus pandemic. There are several ways you can learn more and contribute to these efforts. 

Check out some of the resources provided at MusiCares Relief Fund to gain more insight on how you can support the cause. 

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MusicCares Relief Fund Partnership with the Grammy Recording Academy