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N-Evitable Album

After the success of the N-Definte Ep that featured some powerful tracks from the Windy City narrator, we were happy to contribute to the latest album N-Evitable.

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The Sir Duke


Album Release


Production, Promo

The 52Wins team was able to be a part of the process for the album creation. From the mixing to the mastering process, we allowed for The Sir Duke to create. Our team administered full song registration and publishing opportunities to boost the album’s release success.

Creating a project with such life, energy and overall storytelling, needed to happen.

When we were introduced to the project and witnessed the writing process, we were unsure how it would develop. Some times artists are vocal about how they’d like to approach the project and others require a bit more guidance. Working with The Sir Duke helped us see the overall vision for how the project would take shape and the role in which were were able to fill to offer the best support. A fan of the project and even happier with its current release.

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The Project Was Dope

“Its always easier to accomplish something when you have the right support and team cheering you on. I wanted the project to be a next level challenge of quality, energy and delivery. We accomplished that and more.”

The Sir Duke

Writer, Recording Artist

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