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Chicago based entertainment agency founded by Recording Artists, Creatives and Storytellers.

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Built from the ground up, with the simple focus on providing major label support to music creatives, indie and social artists.

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Fifty Two Wins Entertainment Department


Providing the production and heavy recording efforts for the single releases and albums by The Sir Duke, the team is well versed in the recording space. With years of experience in the  arts and entertainment industry, this division serves as an umbrella for the music extensions.

– Artist Management
– Music Publishing
– Promotions

– Music Production
– Performance & Booking
– Sync & Music Licensing

Fifty Two Wins Film Department


From visual album projects to developing non-linear short films that illustrate musical concepts, are among the many services Fifty Two Wins Entertainment offers. Providing creative and video production for the various projects are an accompaniment to the experimental content offerings.

– Visual Albums
– Video Production
– Film Production

– Documentaries
– Music Videos
– Content Creation


Preparing for any musical or video related project starts with an overal idea; better yet a mission. At Fifty Two Wins Ent., the mission is clear: Provide the best resources to any creative endeavor with the goal to win every day. It all starts with that undeniable vision and story.

As the team expands, we continue to build with the goals of giving back and shedding light on topics that impact our communities. From documentaries to private events, winning remains a part of our values.

– Volunteering
– Community Events
– Private Initiatives

– Publicity & Marketing
– Merchandising
– Charitable Events

Appreciating Our Partners

strategic partners

We are proud to say that we work with several fantastic partners and friends. Connect with them and tell them we sent you!

GlassTree Creative Recordings
Noise Eater Recordings
Philip Goode Films
Swim Team Productions
Jungle Audio Engineering Studio

Where We Shine


These are some of the projects that have made major impact amoung the communities we’ve contributed to. We contine to win project by project.

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News & Entertainment

Some of the highlights of our team’s concepts, various projects we’ve touched and the many industries we are winning in. 

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We are here to offer you the best in entertainment, film and activism. Click the link to start with our winning team.

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